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Taliban notify gov't servants to return to jobs

All government servants in Afghanistan's civilian sectors were called on by the Taliban on Saturday to come to work from Sunday onward according to routine.

The notification was posted on the Finance Ministry's Facebook page minutes after a key Taliban leader addressed senior officials at the ministry.

“After the beginning of the new ‘Islamic’ government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the salaries of the employees will be repaid as in the past,” said the notification, assuring the panicked public servants who have not shown up for work since the Taliban took over control of the country last week.

The statement further said all banking, financial, and customs activities will begin soon.

Urging the technical staff to swiftly resume duties, the Taliban statement further said officials of other departments of the Finance Ministry should wait for the decision of the Economic and Financial Commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan for a future course of action.

Addressing a gathering at the ministry, the Taliban’s key leader Khalil Haqqani said political leaders of Panjshir -- the last province still not fallen to the Taliban -- have surrendered to the Taliban.


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