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Taliban to reopen some public universities in Afghanistan on Feb. 2

The Taliban's acting minister for higher education announced Monday that public universities in Afghanistan’s warmer provinces will reopen on Feb. 2.

Shaikh Abdul Baqi Haqqani said in a press statement that all state universities in warmer regions of the country will resume classes while those in colder regions of the country will reopen on Feb. 26.

Haqqani noted that exams will be held three weeks after the start of classes.

According to the Ministry of Higher Education, there are 40 public and 150 private universities across the country. Education has been continuing at private universities.

- Universities closed due to pandemic

At a press conference in September last year, Haqqani argued that the co-educational system is against Islamic and national values.

Stating that in the new term, female and male students will study in separate buildings in universities, Haqqani noted that in universities with limited building facilities, male and female students will come to school at different times.

Universities in Afghanistan had suspended education before the Taliban took over the country due to COVID-19.


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