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The Assassination Of A Singer Causing Huge Riots

Ethiopia facing a possible national security emergency, after one of Ethiopia’s singers with millions of fans, was slain in his car and there are speculations about coordination between external and internal enemies of Ethiopia(Egypt) New TR News Agency during the current situation can ensure those services · Live stand-ups · Possibility of lives from guesthouses (Because of corona & Lockdown and curfew) · Broadband connection

Send email for booking or call our booking team directly for 24/7 hotline

UK +44 2037649227

US +12026299363 FR +33176540104

TR +902122546390

RU +74995051583

We will be at your entire disposal to ensure a smooth transition of your team to New TR please feel free to contact us for any further inquiry. Glad to have you among us Best Regards, New TR News Agency operation Team


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