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This is ‘just a beginning,’ first Turkish space traveler says about upcoming trip

The first Turkish space traveler, Col. Alper Gezeravci, emphasized his trip to space is not the end goal but "just a beginning." 

The astronaut, who is currently in quarantine with teammates in the US state of Florida, spoke during an online news conference Thursday.

Asked by Anadolu about his feelings before the journey, Gezeravci said he worked as a military and civilian pilot.

"I say this as someone, who has had to limit his ambitions to the visible skyline so far, that this is no longer the case for our future generations. Their path will be wide open," he said.

Gezeravci said his travel will "carry the dreams of Turkish people from the sky to the depths of space."

Underlining that Türkiye has been involved in space studies with domestic satellite technologies for years, Gezeravci said: "This journey is not a goal for us, it is just a tool to achieve what we want to achieve in space studies."

Emphasizing that sending humans to space will take Turkish space research to a new phase, Gezeravci addressed the Turkish and said he is "grateful" for all people and government institutions involved in making the space dreams of Turkish youth a reality.

"With the strong initiative of our state and the opportunities provided by our grateful nation, I am here to fulfill this duty. We are making it happen. I will be returning as soon as possible after completing the duty entrusted to me," he said.  


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