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Thousands worldwide continue to protest against Russia, show solidarity with Ukraine

Thousands of people worldwide continued to protest against Russia and show solidarity with Ukraine while demanding an end to the war, with more demonstrations held Sunday.

Mass protests were held in the Netherlands, Serbia, Taiwan, Turkiye, Ukraine, Belgium, Russia and the US.

In Belgium, nearly 5,000 people took part in a march in solidarity with Ukraine in the capital Brussels.

During the march, protesters called on Russia to stop the war and demanded that Western countries give more support to Ukraine.

Hundreds of people in the Serbian city of Novi Sad and the capital Belgrade showed solidarity with Ukraine during protests in which Russian nationals living in the country also attended. Protesters shouted slogans such as "Peace in Ukraine!" "Long Live Ukraine!" and "Stop the War!”

Anti-war activists and Ukrainian citizens in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul also gathered to protest against Russia. Demonstrators shouted slogans against the war and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the Netherlands, meanwhile, hundreds of people including Ukrainians who fled the country over Russian attacks held protests in the capital Amsterdam. During the protests in Dam Square, Ukrainian refugees also addressed the crowd, decrying Russia’s war on their country.

Thousands of people in Russia also gathered for an unauthorized demonstration.

Masses of people took the streets in nearly 50 cities, especially in the capital Moscow and St. Petersburg, following a call by Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny.

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