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Trump attacks Netanyahu for congratulating Biden

Former US President Donald Trump fired a profane salvo at Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu for daring to congratulate President Joe Biden after his election win last November.

The ex-president continues to insist he won the election, and Netanyahu's congratulations to Biden undermined Trump's unproven falsehood that the election was rigged. Trump also said Netanyahu seemed to forget his unfailing support.

"Nobody did more for Bibi," Trump said to interviewer Barak Ravid earlier this year as background for a planned book by the Israeli journalist. Excerpts of the spring 2021 interview appeared on the Axios news website, Friday. "And I liked Bibi (Netanyahu's nickname). I still like Bibi.

"But I also like loyalty. Bibi could have stayed silent. I haven't spoken to him since. F--- him."

For his part, Netanyahu said Friday that the alliance of Israel and the US "was important" and he had to congratulate Biden on the win.


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