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Tunisia's Ennahda supports national dialogue for reforms

Tunisia’s Ennahda movement on Thursday called for national dialogue for political and economic reforms in the country.

The party stressed the need for a return to “the normal constitutional situation and end to the suspension of parliament,” read a statement issued after a meeting of Ennahda’s Shura Council.

The statement conveyed Ennahda’s willingness to be part of “positive interactions to help overcome the current obstacles and return Tunisian to a democratic path.”

Tunisia’s President Kais Saied dismissed the government of Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi on July 25, suspended parliament, and assumed executive authority.

The move was rejected by most of Tunisia’s parliamentary blocs, including Ennahda, Heart of Tunisia, the Dignity Coalition, and the People’s Movement.

Ennahda previously described Saied’s actions as a “coup” and a “flagrant attack on principles of democracy and Tunisians’ civil and personal rights.”


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