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Turkish Coast Guard rescues 15,000 migrants pushed into sea by Greece

Last year, the Turkish Coast Guard rescued 15,174 irregular migrants pushed into the sea by Greek security forces.

Of them, 6,595 irregular migrants were rescued in Izmir, 2,945 in Mugla, 2,909 in Aydin, 1,570 in Canakkale, 1,126 in Balikesir and 29 in Antalya.

Last year, the bodies of 15 irregular migrants were found.

Irregular migrants, who leave their countries due to civil war and turmoil embark on a journey of hope to establish a better life in Europe, however they are faced with ill-treatment by the Greek forces at sea.

Greek forces confiscate the possessions of the migrants and then push them back into Turkish territorial waters, dismantling their rubber boats, life rafts or engines.

Turkish Coast Guard command teams rescue irregular migrants who come face to face with death in the Aegean and the Mediterranean Seas.


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