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Turkish metropolis Istanbul hosts Stratcom Summit 2021

Turkey this weekend hosts the Stratcom Summit 2021, an international gathering to address compelling policies, issues, challenges, and trends of the strategic communication ecosystem​​​.

The two-day summit will feature 112 speakers from over 30 countries and an audience of over 3,000. Topics to be discussed at the summit included strategic communication, public diplomacy, digital diplomacy, the metaverse, nation branding, disinformation, new media, open intelligence, new communication technologies and trends, strategic marketing, and political communication.

Delivering the event’s opening speech, Turkish Communications Director Fahrettin Altun said the summit will host both experienced media and communications professionals and new media pioneers.

“We will be together at Stratcom for two days, talking about both our concerns and hopes,” he told the summit.

He said the notion of “post-truth” has become a buzzword, cropping up more and more over the last decade.

“New media and new information technologies have started to come to the fore with their negative features rather than their positive ones,” he said.


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