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Turkiye brings in New Year with fireworks, light shows, decorations

Crowds flocked to squares and entertainment centers across Turkiye as the country celebrated the end of 2021 and the arrival of 2022.

Many in Istanbul gathered to mark the New Year. In the Besiktas district, revelers partied to popular songs and DJ performances.

Ortakoy, Taksim and Bagdat squares were among locations where Turks met to celebrate.

Fireworks were launched from boats on the Bosporus, making the scene in Istanbul even more appealing.

The resort city of Bodrum marked the New Year with Turks and tourists enjoying fireworks and a light show that was displayed in the main squares.

Streets, hotels and avenues were decorated with New Year ornaments, including images of pine trees, snowmen, deer and gift packages.

One of the world's leading ski resorts, Palandoken, also celebrated as tourists from different nationalities such as Russia, Ukraine and Iran gathered to enjoy the programs by the ski resort. Despite an air temperature of -15 C (5 F), party-goers danced and partied in the snow.

Cappadocia, known for its fairy chimneys, hot air balloons and historical remains, welcomed the New Year with residents and visitors enjoying programs as fireworks brightened the air around fairy chimneys in the Goreme and Uchisar districts.


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