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Turkiye is significant regional power: Kremlin

Kremlin spokesman Dmitriy Peskov praised Russia’s relations with Turkiye on Saturday, emphasizing that Ankara is a significant regional power and the most dominant among all NATO member states.

Peskov, in an interview with the Belarusian state television, touched on relations with Turkiye as part of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine to be held in northwestern Istanbul province.

He pointed out that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a great and strong political leader and said: “Turkiye is a very significant regional power and country. Our relations with Turkiye are excellent."

He noted that there are different views on relations between the two countries and at some points the sides do not fully understand each other.

"But the relationship based on mutual interests is dominant, so the two countries are developing big economic projects."

"Turkiye has always been a sufficiently large regional power, and Turkiye has been a member of NATO for many years,” he said. “However, despite this, it became the most dominant state among the NATO member sovereign states, especially during the presidency of Erdogan. And this country is a country that has the luxury of defending its interests.”

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