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Turks in US capital remember Turkish diplomats killed by Armenian terror groups

Hundreds of people from the Turkish-American community gathered in the US capital Sunday to commemorate Turkish diplomats killed by Armenian terrorist groups and protest Armenian claims regarding the events of 1915.

The demonstrators, from the Washington area as well as New York and New Jersey, convened in front of the Turkish embassy residence located on Sheridan Circle in the northwest of Washington, D.C.

One side of the circle drew Turks and the other side hosted Armenian demonstrators, who were fewer in number.

Some Armenian associations in Los Angeles, California, where the largest Armenian population lives in the US, gathered in front of the Turkish Consulate General.

However, it was observed that the number of Armenians participating in the demonstration was quite low compared to previous years.

Organized by the Turkish-American National Steering Committee (TASC), the event started with the reading of the national anthem and continued with chanting and dancing.

During the demonstration, the attendees carried Turkish and Azerbaijani flags and chanted slogans in favor of Turkiye and Azerbaijan. Some banners read "History cannot be judged by politics" and "We reject Armenian lies" while others expressed peace between Turkiye and Armenia.

The demonstrators also called on President Joe Biden’s administration not to use the 1915 events as a political tool, while voicing discomfort with the distortion of historical events.


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