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UK borders prepare for EU fingerprint travel rule change

Preparations are under way at major Channel crossing points for a new automated European Union (EU) border IT system due to start this October, despite fears of queue chaos for holidaymakers.

Under the Entry Exit System (EES) non-EU nationals, including Brits, will have to register biometric information the first time they cross the border.

This has prompted concerns there might be huge delays as a result.

But tens of millions of pounds are being spent on equipment and processing areas at Dover’s ferry port, Eurostar’s London St Pancras terminus and Eurotunnel’s Folkestone site.

Dover plans to process coaches separately to cars and eventually reclaim a dock from the sea to create more space.

Eurostar will also expand into new areas of St Pancras station to fit in new kiosks.

People taking flights will provide the biometric information when they land at European airports.


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