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UK government sets out long-term anti-drugs plan

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday a 10-year £300 million ($398 million) plan to tackle drug-related crime in the UK.

The Home Office said that around 300,000 people addicted to heroin and crack cocaine are driving the drugs problem, making up almost half of all homicides, as well as of other crimes such as burglary and theft, and costing the UK £20 billion per year.

"I take the view that it is a long time really since you heard a government say that drugs -- Class A drugs -- are bad and bad for society, bad for opportunity, bad for kids growing up in this country," Johnson told local media.

"That's my view, and I think it is something we can tackle, something we can deal with."

Among the potential new deterrents against drug crime are measures to confiscate offenders' passports and driving licenses, as well as to introduce night-time curfews. Drug dealers' phones will also be seized so authorities can get in touch with their contacts and try to convince them against drug use.


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