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UK to resume Brexit talks with EU

The British government confirmed Wednesday that Brexit negotiations would continue with the EU.

“The Prime Minister and [government minister] Michael Gove have both made clear in recent days that a fundamental change in approach was needed from the EU from that shown in recent weeks,” it said in a statement.

It said the EU said it had to be serious about talking “intensively” on the issues so talks could be concluded. The EU was also clear that it “had to accept once again” that it was dealing with an independent and sovereign country.

“We welcome the fact that Mr. [Michel] Barnier acknowledged both points this morning, and additionally that movement would be needed from both sides in the talks if agreement was to be reached,” the statement said, referring to the chief Brussels negotiator.

UK’s Chief Brexit negotiator, Lord Frost, “discussed the implications of this statement and the state of play with Mr Barnier earlier today,” according to the statement. “On the basis of that conversation we are ready to welcome the EU team to London to resume negotiations later this week.”

The statement went on to say that “significant gaps” remained between the UK and EU, but the best way of regulating relations is a free trade deal.

“As both sides have made clear, it takes two to reach an agreement. It is entirely possible that negotiations will not succeed,” it said. “If so, the UK will end the transition period on Australia terms and will prosper in doing so.”


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