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Ukraine's 'territorial defense' trains civilians against possible hitches amid tensions

Ukraine’s reservist officers under the "territorial defense" structure hold weekly military and other training for civilians in preparation for any possible hitches amid an escalation of tensions.

The latest training on Saturday in the capital Kyiv had more than 100 civilians, military personnel, and reservists.

As part of the mass recruitment for the volunteer army, the training was conducted by the Ukrainian Legion -- a body that organizes military training for the civilian population -- together with the Desnianskyi district Territorial Defense Battalion, the Kyiv Defense Headquarters, and the Total Resistance initiative with the support of the district state administration.

Ukraine's territorial defense is a system of national, military, and special measures carried out across the country in peacetime to prepare the nation to counter any possible military threats.

According to the national resistance act that took effect Jan. 1, the permanent number of the Territorial Defense Forces in peacetime will be 10,000 career personnel, with an additional 120,000 civilian reservists to be recruited and trained.

So, in case of army mobilization, the volunteer army will consist of more than 130,000 people, including reservists.

The main part of volunteer formations includes those who served in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or in other military formations and law enforcement agencies, while those who have more than two convictions, as well as those who do not meet the selection criteria, are being denied to enter voluntary formations.

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