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Ukraine says 18 out of 24 Russian drones shot down during overnight strikes

Ukraine early Thursday said 18 out of 24 Russian drones used during overnight strikes were shot down by the country’s air defense.

“On the night of May 4, 2023, the enemy again attacked with ‘Shaheds’ from the north (Bryansk region) and from the south - the eastern coast of the Sea of Azov,” a statement by the Air Force Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said.

Russia used up to 24 drones, the statement further said, adding that 18 were shot down “in cooperation with the air defense units of other components of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

In a separate statement, Serhiy Popko, the head of the Kyiv City Military Administration, said attacks were conducted by Russia on the city, with air raid alerts lasting over 3.5 hours during the night.

“Our city has not felt such a dense intensity of attacks since the beginning of this year! … The Russians attacked Kyiv with the use of Shahed-type barrage ammunition and missiles, probably of the ballistic type,” Popko further said.

Popko also said the type of missiles used will be determined after their remnants are examined, and noted that preliminary information said all missiles and drones were destroyed in Kyiv’s airspace.

“According to operational reports, there were no casualties among the civilian population and no destruction of residential facilities or infrastructure. Falling debris was recorded in some areas of the capital, but they did not cause harm to people's lives and health or serious damage to the city's buildings,” he said.


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