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Ukraine says Russia has lost up to 40% of its armed units during war

Ukraine said Wednesday that Russia’s armed forces have lost up to 40% of their units since launching a war against the country on Feb. 24.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said in a statement that as of March 15, “the enemy” had lost up to 40% of the units involved in the so-called "operation" on the territory of Ukraine through their complete destruction or loss of combat capability.

Over the past day, seven combat helicopters of the Russian army were destroyed during clashes in the Chornobaivka area of Ukraine, said the statement.

The Russia-Ukraine war, which began on Feb. 24, has drawn international condemnation, led to financial sanctions on Moscow and spurred an exodus of global firms from Russia.

At least 691 civilians have been killed and 1,143 injured in Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

More than 3 million refugees have fled to neighboring countries, according to the UN.

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