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Ukraine says talks with Russia to continue Wednesday

Talks between Ukraine and Russia are scheduled to resume Wednesday, said Ukraine's lead negotiator Mikhail Podolyak, as the war between the two countries drags on.

“A very difficult and viscous negotiation process. There are fundamental contradictions. But there is certainly room for compromise,” Podolyak, who is also an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, said on Twitter.

“During the break, work in subgroups will be continued,” said Podolyak.

The Russia-Ukraine war, which began on Feb. 24, has drawn international condemnation, led to financial sanctions on Moscow and spurred an exodus of global firms from Russia.

At least 691 civilians have been killed and 1,143 injured in Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

More than 3 million refugees have fled to neighboring countries, according to the UN.


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