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Ukraine war: Kyiv hit by biggest drone attack since war began

Russia has launched its biggest drone attack on Kyiv since its full-scale invasion of Ukraine began last year, officials say.

Residents were woken by explosions before dawn on Saturday, and for more than six hours, the booms of Kyiv's air defences echoed through the city.

There was wave after wave of attacks from the north and east.

Officials said that more than 75 Iranian-made Shahed drones were fired at the capital, and 74 were shot down.

With Russia's dwindling missile stocks, Shahed drones are seen as a cheap alternative. They are slower than ballistic missiles and have a distinctive wingspan.

It has been a night where the whines of their engines has blended with the booms of the city's air defences.

As ever, even if a missile or drone is intercepted, the falling debris can be lethal too. This time, only five people have been reportedly injured. A kindergarten was among the buildings damaged.

For several quiet weeks, Moscow had been suspected of stockpiling missiles. That abruptly ended this morning.


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