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Ukraine war: New Christmas date marks shift away from Russia

For the first time since 1917, Ukraine is celebrating Christmas on 25 December.

The move is more than just a change of date from 7 January - the date for Christmas in the Julian calendar, which Russia uses.

It's the continuation of a significant cultural shift in the country - the latest attempt to eradicate Moscow's influence in Ukraine.

The adoption of the Western, Gregorian calendar is also a sign of Kyiv's continuing bid to align itself with Europe.

Whether in war or peacetime, Christmas always comes.

Klavdievo-Tarasove's decorations factory, in a small town outside Kyiv, used to be one of three which supplied the whole of the Soviet Union.

"We used to have many people - not any more," Leokadia tells us. She's worked on this production line since 1978.

She effortlessly blows glass baubles using a gas burner fixed to her desk. It's a welcome source of heat in these cold, industrial surroundings.

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