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Ukraine war: Saboteurs cross into Russia's Belgorod, governor says

A group of saboteurs has crossed from Ukraine into Russia's Belgorod region, with resulting clashes injuring several people, the Russian authorities say.

Local governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said Russian forces were searching for the group, which he said had attacked Grayvoronsky district by the border.

Vladimir Putin's spokesman said the Russian president had been informed.

Ukraine denies responsibility and said Russian citizens from two paramilitary groups were behind the attack.

Mr Gladkov said six people had been injured, including two people admitted to hospital after the village of Glotovo was shelled and three people who had suffered shrapnel wounds in the town of Grayvoron.

Fighting had also damaged three houses and a local administrative building, he said.

The governor later announced a "counter-terrorist operation" had been launched in the region, giving special powers to the authorities including on identity checks and communications surveillance.


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