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Unemployment takes away the benefit of youth bulge in Ethiopia

Although youth contribute 70% of Ethiopia’s total 115 million population, the demographic dividend is turning into a bane in the wake of the failure to create adequate jobs.

As the world marks International Youth Day on Thursday, an official called for a diligent implementation of job policy to take advantage of demographic dividend.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Tewedaj Ehetu, communication and public relations head of Jobs Creation Commission (JCC), said Ethiopia currently has the most educated young population in its history.

More than 25 million students are enrolled in primary, secondary schools and 42 universities and about 2 million educated young people enter the labor market.

‘’Our youth population is a huge and unexploited resource capable of adding steam to Ethiopia’s economic and social growth. The fundamental key to tapping the demographic dividend is to create jobs, which is the foundation block of a stable and healthy nation,” she said.


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