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US aircraft carrier Eisenhower crosses Strait of Hormuz, enters Gulf waters

The United States Central Command (CENTCOM) announced Sunday that the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier navigated through the Strait of Hormuz and entered the Persian Gulf.

“On Nov. 26, the Carrier Strike Group Eisenhower (IKECSG) completed a transit of the Strait of Hormuz to enter the waters of the Arabian Gulf as the Strike Group continues to support USCENTCOM missions,” CENTCOM said on X.

The IKECSG will patrol the strategic waterway, located on the southeastern Arabian Peninsula, to ensure freedom of navigation, it added.

In a related development, CENTCOM said a US warship received a destress call from a commercial tanker in the Gulf of Aden to the peninsula's south, but that the tanker is now safe.

“On Nov. 26, the USS MASON (DDG 87), with allied ships from our coalition counter-piracy task force (TF 151) and associated aircraft responded to a distress call from the M/V CENTRAL PARK, a commercial vessel, that they were under attack by an unknown entity,” CENTCOM said.

“Upon arrival, coalition elements demanded release of the vessel. Subsequently, five armed individuals debarked the ship and attempted to flee via their small boat. The MASON pursued the attackers, resulting in their eventual surrender.”

CENTCOM assured the safety of the tanker’s crew.

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