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US, EU call for 'maximum restraint' as Kosovo-Serbia tensions rise

The US and EU on Wednesday urged "maximum restraint" in the north of Kosovo as the tensions between Pristina and Belgrade have risen recently.

"The European Union and the United States of America are concerned about the continued tense situation in the north of Kosovo," said a joint statement by the office of EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrel and the US State Department.

"We call on everyone to exercise maximum restraint, to take immediate action to unconditionally de-escalate the situation, and to refrain from provocations, threats, or intimidation," said the statement.

It also added that the US and EU are working with the leaders of the parties to defuse tensions.

"We are working with (Serbian) President Vucic and (Kosovar) Prime Minister Kurti to find a political solution in order to defuse the tensions and agree on the way forward in the interest of stability, safety, and well-being of all local communities," said the statement.

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