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US will speak up against China’s threatening actions: VP Harris

Washington will continue to speak up against China’s actions that threaten global order and the sovereignty of nations, the US vice president said as she concluded her Southeast Asia tour on Thursday.

“When it comes to Beijing, let me be very clear and the president [Joe Biden] has been very clear… On issue of South China Sea, we are going to speak up… when there are actions that Beijing takes that threaten the rules-based international order, such as actions in the South China Sea,” Kamala Harris said.

She said the US “welcomes” competition but “does not seek conflict.”

“Freedom of navigation is high priority for us; it not only relates to security but to commerce [as well],” Harris said at a news conference before departing from Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, her last stop in the region.

“We make sure we stay committed to our partners and allies in the region… I [have] also reaffirmed the commitment that the US has to a common vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific,” she added, terming Southeast Asia the “seat of the US’ Indo-Pacific policy.”

Harris’ weeklong Southeast Asia tour coincided with the US’ withdrawal from Afghanistan, where she said the situation remains “risky and dangerous.”


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