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Wildfire scorches nearly 9,000 acres on Spanish island of La Palma

The wildfire on the Spanish island of La Palma charred at least 3,600 hectares (8,896 acres) of land and forest over the weekend, provincial head Sergio Rodriguez said on Monday.

The wildfire began Saturday and forced around 4,200 people to evacuate their homes. On Sunday night, around 2,000 were given permission to return.

Rodriguez said that the weather conditions improved Sunday night but told Spanish broadcaster Antena3 that the wildfire remains active and out of control.

He said the most worrying areas are around Tijarafe and the Caldera Taburiente

National Park.

Around 500 firefighters and 10 aircraft are continuing to fight the blaze.

While the flames ripped through a lot of forested area on the so-called “Green Island,” they also destroyed several homes and businesses.

Nancy Castro, who saw her home, bodega and vineyard in the area destroyed on Sunday, told local media outlet Canarias7 that she was “in shock.”

“Insurance will give us money, but there was 25 years of work there that has disappeared, and no one will give back to us,” said Castro. “It’s like we’re cursed … La Palma still hasn’t recovered from the volcano, and now we have this. Emotionally, it’s really tough.”

Castro referred to the volcanic eruption that devastated the island in 2021. It lasted 85 days and caused €842 million ($946 million) in damage, destroying nearly 3,000 buildings, according to government figures.

La Palma is a small island that makes up part of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic. Its population is around 83,500.


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