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Wildfires ravaging forestlands in many parts of globe

Wildfires have spread to many parts of the world, according to US space agency NASA’s Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS).

Accordingly, most of North America and South America, the African plateau, the northern Arabian Peninsula and the Mediterranean coast of Europe as well as Northern and Eastern Europe have been affected by fires.

In Asia, fires have been detected on the coasts of India and in Russia's Siberia region as well as in China, Malaysia and Indonesia.

European countries such as Italy, Spain and Greece, which have a coast on the Mediterranean, are also struggling with forest fires.

According to an emergency map of the European Commission showing forest fires, large and small fires on the entire continent reach almost as far as the north of Russia. On the satellite map, it is seen that fires of various sizes have been burning for at least a week in EU countries.


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