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Winter storm: North America hit by blizzards and heat wave

A fierce winter storm has caused widespread disruptions in the US, while south-eastern parts of the country brace for record-high temperatures.

As of Wednesday, about 75 million people in 28 states have been placed under winter weather alerts.

Blizzards in the Dakotas, Minnesota and Wisconsin have forced many schools and businesses to close.

Meanwhile, high temperatures in Washington DC are expected to break a nearly 150-year-old record.

In northern states, forecasts of up to 2ft (60cm) of snow in some parts could mean areas endure their biggest snowfalls for 30 years.

Minnesota's governor Tim Walz said the National Guard will be available to help motorists who become stuck in the blizzard conditions there. The state may break its record for snowfall, officials said.

Forecasters said the storm system could span 1,300 miles from Nebraska to New Hampshire.

More than 1,700 flights have been cancelled in the US as a result of the storm.


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