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News / Coronavirus

Russia’s coronavirus case tally rises by 5,236 over past day


The number of coronavirus cases in Russia has risen by 5,236 over the past day to nearly 58,000 in all regions, the anti-coronavirus crisis center reported on Wednesday.

At the moment, 4,420 people have recovered and another 513 people have died.

"Russia has registered a rise in the coronavirus infection cases to 57,999 (+9.9%) in 85 regions. Some 420 people have been discharged over the past day and 4,420 over the entire period. Over the past day, 57 coronavirus patients have died. The total death toll in Russia is 513," the crisis center reported.

Some 43.3% of new coronavirus cases (2,275) are asymptomatic.

Moscow has confirmed 2,548 new coronavirus cases, taking the total number in the capital
to 31,981.

Over the past day, the number of coronavirus cases in the Moscow Region has risen by 631 to 6,590 and in St. Petersburg by 294 to 2,267. New cases have been also recorded in 75 other regions, including in the Ryazan Region (76), the Republic of Tatarstan (75), the Kaluga Region (72), the Murmansk Region (71) and the Nizhny Novgorod Region (69).

A total of 547 people have been discharged from hospitals in 51 regions, including 210 in Moscow, 47 in St. Petersburg, 24 in the Murmansk Region and 21 in the Nizhny Novgorod Region.

Over the past day, 28 fatalities have been confirmed in Moscow, 7 in the Moscow Region, 3 in the Krasnodar Region, St. Petersburg and Ingushetia, and 2 in the Kaluga Region. One death was recorded in the Volgograd, Voronezh, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod, Oryol and Tula Regions, as well as in the Republics of Adygeya, Komi, Chechnya and the Stavropol Region.



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